A fan of New York City, Film, Planes, or pretty things? Take a look at this.

Aerial Photography New York from Jason Lam on Vimeo.

Photographer Jason Lam has been taking the term birds-eye-view to an entirely new level with his SkyShutter Aerial Photography. If you visit SkyShutter.com you can watch High-Definition videos of other cities from around the world.

It takes a two-man team consisting of a pilot and a camera operator to do the filming while in mid-air. It takes less than ten minutes for the 30-lb. "Helicam" to get set up and into flight. It can apparently maneuver incredibly well and fits into places that a full-sized planes don't. Read more about the technical aspects here- it does a much better job of explaining all of this magic than I can.

[Thanks to Jay for the tip.]