The greatest battle may perhaps be a decade fighting itself mercilessly to pure victory, but that holding true, Bill Cosby and Ted Danson each made a statement with woolen wonders of self expression in an epic, ultimate showdown forever unmatched.

[There was a video here]

The 1980s were a time of seminal greed, delicious decadence, and frivolous flagrancy. During this fast-paced era of beautiful nihilism many were either caught unawares or too coked out of their minds to notice that while Olivia Newton John looked smoking hot doing aerobics, regular men, of all cultures and creeds were looking for something; something comfortable, stylish, and something that said, without words, "I am relaxed over here." Enter the madcap 80's sweater, it's power is undeniable. The only question left? Who looked best?