On election day, none of our favorite Upper East Siders were doing anything. It was all about their agents, boyfriends, cousins, neighbors, and other hangers on. Politics is supposed to be all about power, but this was just weak.

Last night, Nate's cousin Trip was elected the only prepubescent member of the House of Representatives ever. The only thing exciting about that is that his crazy wife made the biggest power play of the evening, setting up a fake drowning to get both Nate and his meddlesome grandfather out of their lives. Brilliant. Why couldn't Blair do something like that instead of just messing with some lousy hooker. Still, on this hour of the caviar wishes and champagne nightmares of New York's upperclass, there were plenty of shifty dynamics.

Fashion Points: Should have known better than to let Blair parade around in that gold metalic number: -2
Power Play: Why didn't Blair turn to her when she needed a friend?: -1
Total: -3
Season to Date: 39
Power Position: Down

Fashion Points: This man does wonders for a pinstriped suit and a bowtie: +3, Puts the Vanderbilt campaign in a hotel suite with a picture of a girl's crotch wearing panties: -3
Personality Flaw: Knows prostitutes: -1, On second thought, we think it's pretty awesome that Chuck knows lots of hookers: +3
Power Play: Pleases the Vanderbilts: +1, Can't control anyone at his party: -2, Is getting the hostile media to like his hotel: +1, Stands by when Blair gets caked: -1
Quip: "Ladies, this is a classy party, not some sample sale at an outlet mall": +1
Sexual Intrigue: Really loves Blair: +1, Let's Blair clean the cake out of her hair by herself, not by washing it out in the tub for her Out of Africa style: -2
Total: 1
Season to Date: 23
Power Position: Up

Extracurricular Activities: Everything about the "sneak peek" of Leighton Meester's music video—the glittery outfit, the clown makeup, the giant hair, looking like a Britney Spears rip off. Just no: -6
Fashion Points: That hideous gold dress and matching coat: -2, Apparently wears all the same clothes as a hooker: -2
Personality Flaw: Doesn't know that Brandeis is clearly a call girl or stripper name: -1
Power Play: Has no friends now that she pissed off Serena: -2, Knows the difference between friends and staff: +1, Pretends she doesn't know Vanessa: +3, Plays frenemies with Serena: +1, Calls Serena a prostitute, because, hello!: +3, Serena lets her eat cake: -4, Thinks Serena is jealous of her because she's in college and has a hot boyfriend: +1, Calls out Serena for dating a poor and having a shitty job: +3
Quip: "No one ever accused [Serena] of saying no.": +1, "He's drunker than Paula Abdul during Hollywood week.": +1
Sexual Intrigue: Only helps get Serena's drunk mess boyfriend out of the party to help Chuck: +2, Has no friends, only Chuck: -3, Things could be worse if your only ally is a sexy, well-dressed, rich power broker: +2
Social Schemes: Thinks about remaining friends with a hooker: +1, Ditches her as soon as she finds out that the skank used her to get rich clients: +2, Seriously, Blair Waldorf should be able to outsmart a hooker named Brandeis: -4
Total: -3
Season to Date: 10
Power Position: Down

Fashion Points: That tie-dyed top would be bad enough even if the draping didn't make her boobs like like warped, deflated balloons: -2,
Personality Flaw: Is the go-to girl when people like Trip want to talk about nothing of substance: -3,
Power Play: Lands on Page Six: +1, It's the big story at the top of the page: +3, But no picture: -1, Running K.C.'s errands: -1, If she's only as good as her social network, then this girl is doomed: -1, Has no come back when Blair calls her a prostitute, because it's pretty on the nose: -3, Pushes Blair in a cake!: +6, Can't tell that Blair really misses her: -1, Apologizes to Blair by pointing out all of Blair's faults: +2 (for brazenness), Can't get Blair to reconcile: -1, Quits her stupid PR job: +5
Sexual Intrigue: Her fake boyfriend Patrick is sick hot: +2, She makes him put his clothes back on: -1, More than once: -2
Social Schemes: Ruining Nate is coming back to haunt her: -1, Tries to make up with Blair like grown ups: +2, Plays frenemies with Blair: +1, Let's a barely legal congressman buy her drinks when she's underage: -2, She can use that dirt against him: +3
Total: 6
Season to Date: 0
Power Position: Down

Fashion Points: Still looks good shirtless: +3
Power Play: That "Bathroom Boy" thing is a really lame story to be embarrassed by: -2, Gets name checked on Fallon: +3, It's still only Fallon: -1
Sexual Intrigue: Why is he spending the night in Olivia's dorm when he has a Brooklyn pussy den all to himself?: -2, Lighting a bunch of candles and telling a celebrity she thinks she's nifty continues to get him laid: +4, We saw their first date, and it was them rushing off for a slice, nothing having to do with bathrooms, sweating, hand dryers, spiders, or any of that other bullshit: -3
Total: 2
Season to Date: -2
Power Position: Down

Personality Flaw: Has had publicists so long, that she's bad at being herself: -1, Enjoys Humphrey Board Game Night: -1
Power Play: Can only get on Fallon: -2, Gets Fallon to apologize: +1
Sexual Intrigue: Falls for Dan's whole "candles in the pussy den" trick. Just because there is mood lighting doesn't mean it's any less of a pussy den: -2
Social Schemes: Gets stuck hanging out with Jenny when Dan storms out of the apartment: -2
Total: -7
Season to Date: -7
Power Position: Down

Fashion Points: Looks even shittier in his shirt with no tie and rumpled manbangs standing next to Chuck: -1
Personality Flaw: Cowardly enough to stand by and watch as Trip rescues a guy: -2
Power Play: Thinks his grandfather won't play dirty: -1, Serena goes over his head and gets invited to Trip's party: -1, Helps Trip get elected: +4, Thinks a hottie like Trip needs something other than a good headshot to get elected: -1
Social Schemes: Figures out the hero thing is a scam. That must have made his brain bleed: +2, Screws Vanessa over by sending a fake agent to buy her video footage: +3, Bonus for screwing over Vanessa: +1, Tells Vanessa not to be self righteous. God, how many times have we said that!: +2, Takes the fall for Trip: +2, Plays right into his cousin-in-law's plan: -1
Total: 7
Season to Date: -9
Power Position: Up

Personality Flaw: Indulges in his board game fixation: -3, Doesn't feed anyone: +3
Total: 0
Season to Date: -10
Power Position: Down

Fashion Points: Is meeting someone at Cafeteria. What is she, a gay man?: -1, If she were a gay man, she would know that the far superior elmo is just up the street: -1
Power Play: Is gone so much, Dan is getting mad laid: +2 (cause that's what friends are for), Gets Vanderbilt access: +1, Sells her rescue footage: +2, But only to NY1: -2
Social Schemes: Uncovers the "hero" scam: +2, Tells Nate about it instead of acting: -2, Let's Nate fool her into selling the footage to the wrong person: -2, Exposes the whole scam: +5, Only on NY1: -1
Total: 1
Season to Date: -26
Power Position: Down

Personality Flaw: Realizes that not everyone wants to play board games all the time. Hallelujah!: +7, Forgot that she had a little gay son again: -2
Total: 5
Season to Date: -37
Power Position: Down

Fashion Points: Looks better pale, sick, and in her bathrobe than in one of her trashy outfits: +1
Personality Flaw: Get's to play a board game: +3
Power Play: Her computer clues Dan off to "Bathroom Boy": -1, Her brother's celeb girlfriend still wants to hang with her even though she's sick and her brother storms out: +2
Total: 5
Season to Date: -44
Power Position: Up