A play called Jesus, Queen of Heaven, about the bearded one wanting to take a walk on the wild side, hitch up his/her robes, paint his/her nails and become Jesus-ina or whatever is upsetting christians.

Dour Scottish Bible-readers have come up with some placards that they waved outside the theater on opening night in Glasgow yesterday, according to the BBC. They include: "Jesus, King of Kings, Not Queen of Heaven," and "God: My Son Is Not A Pervert." Seriously. They're actually funny if you yell them in a ridiculous Scottish accent.

The play, part of a festival in Glasgow called 'Glasgay!', was written by transsexual playwright Jo Clifford. The producer, Steven Thomson, said "Jesus Queen of Heaven is a literary work of fiction exploring the artists own personal journey of faith as a transgendered person."

"If Glasgow's council taxpayers were consulted, I doubt they would consider this was a good use of their money," responded a spokesman for the Christian Institute.

But it's fine because everyone is forgiven and happy! A blurb on the play's website reads: "And she does not condemn the gays or the queers or the trans women or the trans men, and no, not the straight women nor the straight men neither. Because she is the Daughter of God, most certainly, and almost as certainly the son also. And Gods child condemns nobody. She can only love…" Although apparently she can't punctuate, because 'God's' certainly takes a possessive.