Declarative former NY1 newsman Dominic Carter already lost his job for unseemly name-dropping in court while on trial for beating his wife, then got barred from boarding a flight just because he exists. Can his week get worse? Yes, much.

Because once Carter (and his wife Marilyn, who now says he's innocent of abusing her) got onto that flight, they went to Kansas City for a little R&R, just to get away from it all. Apparently it did not go so well. According to the New York Post (which is gleefully pursuing this story, which is another problem for Dominic Carter) the following things happened after the Carters arrived:

1. Dominic Carter was supposed to give a "motivational speech" to the NAACP in KC. He canceled, because "he wasn't feeling well."

2. The next day, a relative called the cops and told them they feared Dominic was suicidal.

3. The Carters' daughter calls KC cops shortly afterwards, to say her mother seemed to be "under duress," and that the family has "domestic violence issues."

4. It becomes clear that Marilyn has disappeared.

5. Police later locate her at the KC airport. She'd abruptly decided to leave, buy a plane ticket, and fly home.

Next time, the Bahamas?