We're down to the last L.A. episode of the season, since the two-part final will be held back in the Big Apple. So we can all just imagine Billy Joel singing "Say Goodbye to Hollywood" during tonight's episode.

Actually, on second thought, don't do that. I hate that song. Damn, now it's running through my head! I hate that. I'll try to think of something else...um, Lifetime. That's it. The show starts on Lifetime at 10 Eastern, and the live blog happens down in the comments section below. It should be a blast—like last week's was. To read a few of my favorite comments from that one, click here. Here are a few highlights:

  • Althea got mad at Logan for ripping off her ideas instead of her clothes. As Paul7777 noted, the girls were "upset with his zipper etiquette."
  • Lizawithazee wondered whether guest judge Kerry Washington was "supposed to be the next big somebody when these episodes were shot 12 years ago."
  • Logan got eliminated, said "thanks for everything" and walked off the runway. Then the judges called him back and made him walk off the runway again. Then they made him go put on his shiny gold pants, come back, turn around and walk away again. Hey, they didn't let him hang around all this time for nothing!

Also, per my request, many folks shared their Halloween-costume plans. Lizawithazee's was to dress as Athena (toga, shield, Greek soldier helmet, stuffed owl). missing_piece made a swine flu germ costume (grey hoodie with rows of pea green fun fur on it). doittojulia was a tea party (dip-dyed gauze dress, pearl necklaces, crochet gloves, cup-and-saucer hat). katekate is squared was Snidely Whiplash (cape, top hat, curly moustache). Brian Moylan dressed as '80s performance artist Klaus Nomi.

Well, at least those were the plans as of last Thursday. Since then, I have received photographic to prove that only three of these costume concepts were actually created: katekate's, Brian's and Liza's (click here to see them). Snidely, Klaus & Athena. Sounds like a pop group or a TV show, doesn't it?

Hey speaking of TV—I've played my weekly DVD o' preview clips from the good folks at Lifetime, and identified these things to watch out for as we live-blog tonight.

  • Christopher will appear with a new "do" that's even more stupid than his "beard." I don't know how to describe it … a faux faux-hawk maybe? (I captured a still image of it from the DVD — click here and see what you think.) Now I feel like attacking this guy's entire face and head with a bottle of Nair.
  • The guest judge will be Cindy Crawford, who will be introduced as a "style icon." In my case, she was also "dorm room poster icon," but that was a couple of decades ago. Ah, Cindy, Cindy … where have the years gone?
  • L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will appear to congratulate the Final Five in one of the tritest little promote-your-city rituals I've ever seen. If they'd just given him an oversize prop—like a big "key to the city" or giant pair of ribbon-cutting scissors—it probably would have been less stilted and more natural.

Ugh. Good riddance, L.A. Next week, Tim Gunn will get to return to New York and become whole and human again. I can hardly wait.

And I can hardly wait to start live-blogging with y'all. So let's get to it!

[Image via Carbonated's Flickr]