Slacker generation, sexual deviation, end of a MILF relation, and bed-bug infestation. The best from Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office and 30 Rock. Must-see TV Thursday? You be the judge. To the lulz!


Jeff loses his condo, sleeps in his car, and eventually moves into the dorms with Ahmed. Remember never showering and eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch all day? Yeah, that was sweet.


Parks and Recreation

Librarians are evil, manipulative people. They will take advantage of you, sexually. Do not trust them.


The Office

Sometimes The Office is so awkward that I actually have to turn away in embarrassment. Last night had the potential to be reeeeally awkward. It wasn't. Michael and his girlfriend, who is also Pam's mother, Helene (played by Linda Purl), went to lunch with Pam and Jim. Awkward silences! Hijinks! Eh, not really. Click play for the most awkward part of the lunch (and funniest part of the episode).

30 Rock

Liz is still on the lookout for a new cast member. She also eats another sandwich in this episode. That woman freaking loves sandwiches. I bet I could have complete conversations with Tina Fey with no awkward pauses for at least an hour about sandwiches.

Also, shameless product placement reared its ugly head. Last night it was Cisco Systems. With product placement 30 Rock usually throws in a joke; last night, they sort of didn't even try. However, the auditions were phenomenal. Clip to the left!