Rupert Murdoch's oldest son Lachlan and wife Sarah have landed a mansion in the inner suburbs of Sydney. Here are the sort of digs being an heir to the News Corp. family fortune buys you.

The Georgian mansion in Sydney suburb Belleview Hill certainly has a belle view indeed, looking out on Sydney harbor and the Pacific Ocean. It's 4,100 square meters spread out over six bedrooms, two studies, five bathrooms, multiple living rooms, and even a three-car garage.

Let's take a look inside, shall we?


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The outside of the house.


The grounds including the swimming pool.

This is the view the paparazzi will get skulking in the bushes.

One of the studies.

A lovely living room.

The main staircase.

Looks like someone needs to mow the tennis court!

The lawn in the back yard looks much nicer.

That's quite a patio view.

The view of the harbor.

Aerial shot of the grounds.