Where have you been all week? Here's are some of our favorite moments from our first week of existence- in case you missed it.

We said hello to the world, placed a bulk order for dick towels, asked for your help in finding the most offensive video on YouTube had no guilt when we laughed over the Top 5 Maury Povich "phobia" episodes, watched the best opening montage in a movie ever (and then we watched it several more times), picked sides on the Cosby vs. Malone Sweater Battle, were greatful were weren't this guy, found out where in the world Vanilla Ice is, laughed at celebrities during their days on Kids Incorporated, caught everyone up in 4 minutes on what's been going on over at YouTube for the past 4 years, picked up some video-dating tips, and Intern Daniel Pardo convinced us Mika Brzezinski has the worst job in the world.

What are you doing this weekend? Anything cool happening (TV-related or otherwise) that you think we should know about? Let us know below- otherwise, we'll see you on Monday!

[Photo by Diana Levine]