Windows 7 apparently pulled out of being the lone advertiser for Seth MacFarlane's special because it was too crude. After watching the worst aspects of animation and live comedy crammed into a half hour, they made the right decision.

The show was an absolute failure from the start. For two people that have worked together for years, the live banter between Borstein (the voice of Lois) and MacFarlane (the voice of nearly everyone else) was forced and hackneyed.

Surely the taped footage would make up for opening night jitters? Nope. The sketches and animations were so drawn out they would make Saturday Night Live blush. Oh, and they weren't funny, either. Kermit has AIDS because he's gay...ha?

Here's a microcosm of the episode: Alex Borstein doing a barely recognizable, boring, maybe even racist, but overall terrible imitation of Renee Zellweger.

Which is essentially a lazy copy of her character Ms. Swan from MAD TV.

And the choice of a non-focused, all over the place variety hour is befuddling. Who is the audience for this show supposed to be? Twenty somethings are too young to understand the appeal of it, and boomers don't even know what Family Guy is, as they're too busy watching some CBS procedural. Who is this show exactly aimed towards?

However, the biggest question of the night is why this 30 minute sad excuse for comedy even aired? And the only possible answer is so Seth McFarlane could appease his own ego for more screen time. His smug, self-satisfied face oozed from the TV set for the entirety of the show. At the end of the day though, MacFarlane still wins. Because even if this special is crass, not funny, and universally hated, Mr. MacFarlane will still go home tonight to re-organize his extensive fabergé egg collection and then retire to fall asleep on his somewhat uncomfortable mattress made of piles and piles of money.