Breaking up is hard to do, just ask this exposed gay star and his beard girlfriend or this actor who hires hookers to bitch about his wife ruining their marriage. If only we could show them all the curb.

1. "Apparently this former B list movie actor and now probably a C, although with close to A name recognition has been scrambling because his beard relationship with his C list movie actress could be sinking quickly. The reason? Our actor thought he was on a private beach when he decided to lay out naked with his boyfriend. The next thing he knew, there were groups of tourists from a nearby hotel walking by and he is scared that someone recognized him and took pictures." [CDaN]

2. "This Hollywood couple's marriage is on the rocks. He may be the more famous of the two, but she has definitely been an important trophy wife for him. Since he still wants to save his marriage, it would be extremely inappropriate for him to be seen dating anyone. So, instead, he has been hiring girls for overnight dates at several thousand dollars a pop. Since he only lasts about five minutes, the girls are making about one thousand dollars a minute. However, they are obliged to stay awake while he whines on for hours about how upset he is that his marriage is falling apart. Does anyone else see the irony here?" [Blind Gossip]

3. "This C list television and movie actress has had quite the ride the past few years. She is probably as famous for one of her past relationships as she is for her acting. Anyway she used to be on a fairly hit cable show until two things happened. The producers of the show got tired of having their B+ list star of the show having sex with her and the star was starting to smoke too much meth with her to the point that nothing was getting done except the pair of them having sex and smoking meth." [CDaN]