You can't believe everything you read on the internet, even when you are the one saying it. Just a few days ago, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry declared the band through after reading of Steven Tyler's break up plans online.

Well, apparently try as we might to get on with our lives, the world just can't live without just a little more Aerosmith, not even for a week. Last night the band ended their six day old divorce. During a Perry show at New York's Filmore, Tyler suddenly appeared on stage and announced, according to NME, in a specimen of authentic aging rocker gibberish, so rarely heard in this day and age:

I just want New York to know, I am not leaving Aerosmith," he said, before turning to Perry and stating: "And Joe Perry, you are a man of many colours but I, motherfucker, am the rainbow!"

Tyler then instructed Perry's drummer to play, and the band launched into Aerosmith's 1975 hit 'Walk This Way'. Tyler ended the song with his arm around Perry.

[Via Vulture]