Lev Grossman lost his whole novel when he changed flights; Rob Pegoraro carefully unfriended a touchy Facebook user; and a UK journalist discovered there are Twitter accounts worse than "rapist killer." The Twitterati battled a crazy world.

Novelist and journalist Lev Grossman really needs a computer backup strategy. Sounds like a consultation with massive computer nerd Susan Orlean is in order.

Just when CNN's Larry King thinks he understands The Twitter it... does... THIS! Oy.

If you weren't such a psycho about making friends on Facebook, the Washington Post's Rob Pegoraro might still be your friend on Facebook.

The definition of Bridezilla: When someone like the Daily Post's Debbie James would rather be followed by "rapist killer" than by your wedding-research Twitter account.

Demi Moore can't wait for you to get your "Being a Terrible Paparazzo in Public" ticket from the police. That's like eight million points on your DMV record, punk.

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