You know about how Jon Stewart caught Sean Hannity lying, basically, about the size of a conservative rally on his show? And how Sean Hannity apologized? On his daily program tonight, Stewart made fun of this, and it was funny.

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So ends Jon Stewart V. Sean Hannity. This was by far the wackiest denouement of a Jon Stewart Takes on the Media episode. (You remember the post-Crossfire show? It was sort of smarmy. And the Jim Cramer interview? So uncomfortable!) I identified with the Jon Stewart character in that first bit because I, too, had to watch an entire episode of "Hannity" for the ten second apology at the end and it was, outside of a half-dozen pregnancy scares, the single worst experience of my life. Can't wait to see how Hannity deals with this one on his show tomorrow!

(apologies for the out-of-sync video.)