With 100 buyoutlayoffs already assured by the end of the year, the New York Times is tossing in a bit more good news for employees: 25 additional layoffs, thanks to the magical economics of outsourcing.

The layoffs will come in the New York Times News Service (which includes the paper's AP-like newswire). Next year, the company is moving editing duties for the News Service out of New York and down to sunny Florida, where nonunion employees at the Gainesville Sun will be happy to do the same jobs for a fraction of the cost, concomitant with Gainesville's affordable "100% trailer park" cost of living.

Below, the memo that the Newspaper Guild sent out to its members about this inevitable, economically prudent union-busting development.

Times to Subcontract News Service

Times management informed the Guild late this afternoon that the company
intends to subcontract the work of the News Service. Management
representatives told the Guild the work will be sent to the Gainesville
Sun, a property owned by The New York Times. The subcontracting would
impact all 28 Guild staffers – one assistant to the editor, two editors,
23 staff editors, one news assistant and one news clerk.

After members had been informed by management of the subcontracting, the
Guild met with the affected employees to answer questions and inform them
of their rights under the collective bargaining agreement. Under the
contract, The Times has given the contractually required notification to
the Guild, which triggers a 60-day period that allows the Guild an
opportunity to try to avert the subcontracting. The Guild, as always, will
monitor the situation and keep members informed.