Paul Janka! He's still stalking women and all their various "holes." A friendly tipster has been kind enough to share with us her recent encounter with America's skeeziest, most overaggressive pickup "artist." Get waxed, baby. This is gonna hurt.

Our tipster says she met Janka—who introduced himself as "Connor slash Paul but all my friends call me Connor"—a few months ago. Although they were barely acquainted, he proceeded to buy her a plane ticket to Rome, and invited her to come and stay with him at a friend's villa there, where they would frolic in a paradise of earthly delights. Or, as he put it in an email to her,

I bought your ticket. You should get an email shortly.
Make sure to get a waxing; I'm going to make all your holes very sore.

The young lady had second thoughts about the wisdom of joining this man she barely knew for a week in a secluded villa far away from any human help, so she declined his offer. She says, "to his defense he was upfront about wanting to have sex with me so at least he's honest in that sense, he is just NOT tactful about his approach." For example, he wanted to meet her at the airport and drive straight to the villa, to fuck. When she was wavering, he sent her the sexxxy photos you see here to help persuade her to come. After she decided not to take the trip, she says, he told her, "it's a shame you decided to get clever and fuck it all up for yourself."

But the story has a happy ending! Despite turning down Janka's hospitality, our tipster says "he still periodically contacts me with texts like 'want some coffee and want it up the ass?'" True love overcomes all.