In 2004 married New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey, seen here resigning, stepped down after admitting a gay affair with an aide. He's back! And this time he's wearing white robes and holding a large cross.

The conspiracy theory when he stepped down was that the lover/aide who outed him, Golan Cipel, a "special adviser to the governor" on $110,000, had been pushed to do so to allow a run by Jon Corzine. Which worked out spectacularly.

McGreevey, according to the Post, has now turned to God. Here's how they sum it up:

The former New Jersey love gov has gone from Turnpike rest stops to the church rostrum as part of his training to become an Episcopal priest, working each weekend at All Saints Church in Hoboken.

To be fair, if any profession understands sex scandals it's the priesthood.

UPDATE: Choire Sicha points out that this very site broke the above news, via his fair hand, two-and-a-half years ago.