Unflappable (except by geese, ha) hero pilot Chesley Sullenberger is not sitting idly by while fancy writer William Langewiesche (pron. "Lain-guh-wees-chay-guevara") offers up his trashy "scientific theories" about Sully's famous crashed plane. Everyone listen, Sully is saying something confrontational!

In an interview on Sunday, the pilot, Capt. Chesley B. Sullenberger III, said that the book, "Fly by Wire," by William Langewiesche, "greatly overstates how much it mattered" that the plane he landed in the river, an Airbus A320, featured an automated cockpit.

Put that in your rudder stick and jerk it, nerd! Just because William Langewiesche is a former professional airline pilot and a notably painstaking research-driven award-winning writer, he may think he "knows" things, such as the extent to which automated airline technology in the Airbus contributed to its safe crash landing in the icy Hudson.

Know this, Langewiesche: Character. It resides in the breast of a man by the name of Sully. And in his balls, which didn't fall off as his crippled plane plunged inexorably downward towards watery doom. Can you say the same? We didn't think so. You want to talk about books? Sully knows about books.

What a guy! (Sully).
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