After a flurry of rumors and counter-rumors, it appears that Ken Ober, the former host of MTV's Remote Control, has in fact passed away at age 52.

In his passing, Ober broke a great internet boundary, turning the traditional internet paradigm on its head and becoming the first subject of a false death rumor, wherein the rumor of its falsehood was what turned out to be fake, and the death itself was sadly real. While the false death rumor is a venerable online genre, having prematurely claimed the passings of Jeff Goldblum and Patrick Swayze among others, the false rumor of a false death rumor has been until today, an unexplored frontier of the internet.

Ober was best known for his work hosting MTV's trivia show from 1987 - 1990. He went on to host several other game shows including Make Me Laugh and Smush before fading from the airwaves. Recently he worked off-camera as a writer/producer on shows such as The New Adventures of Old Christine and Mind of Mencia.

Enjoy the clip below for a taste of the wry, mop-topped, sardonic host in his prime.