Rachel Sklar went without pants, Julia Allison went without sleep/discretion and Adam Lambert said you can go without him being too obviously gay in your magazine. The Twitterati were deprived and depriving.

Singer Adam Lambert issued Out a non-dential denial about him purposely keeping lady fans in denial about his not-very-well-hidden-or-surprising homosexuality.

Writer and enthusiastic Michael Chabon sexer Ayelet Waldman cannot get over her ability to procrastinate. All thanks to Twitter.

Would-be lifecasting mogul Julia Allison is not above talking about her period if it means promoting her new TV pilot thing.

...and Mediaite's Rachel Sklar is not above talking about her lack of pants if it means promoting her sense of humor.

Dancer Lacy Mae Schwimmer dropped the phrase "ouivey." We can only assume that's what chic French Jews say when they stub out their clove cigarettes in an angsty but blasé manner. Explain it to us sometime, Lacey.

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