Actually sitting down and reading, yourself, the legalese that make up legislation is, in fact, much less edifying than having an "expert" "explain" what it "means." So let's go to this website where voice actors read the health care bill!

Supposedly it is voice actors. "Working voice actors," with "busy lives." But we definitely heard a guy with a non-Plains State regional accent. That's no working voice actor!

Anyway, these "actors" are reading, verbatim, unexpurgated, the entirety of HR-3962 and "The Senate Bill," which means the Chairman's Mark of the Finance Committee bill. You will be totally informed about all the death panels, once you have heard various calm-sounding people reading tables of contents and listing subsections and explaining what terms mean "for the purposes of this bill." Our favorite is Kristi Steele's sexy take on Title III Subtitle B Pt 1 of the Senate bill, "Extension of Long-Term Care Hospital Provision."

And now we know as much about Health Care Reform as we do about the dangerous side-effects of Yaz.

[Via John Dickerson]