Well, another Wednesday night has rolled around, and I can't wait to get started on tonight's live blog. In fact, the anticipation is making me quiver like the thigh of a 17th century courtesan. How about you?

Of course, we must all be careful not to become to thigh-quivery tonight, lest the lovely Nigella Lawson mistake us for the perfect panna cotta and consume us whole. We wouldn't want that to happen now, would we? Although if it did, more than one of us would probably die happy, judging from several of last week's comments.

As for this happy little live blog: It will get underway at 10 Eastern (when the show starts on Bravo) in the comments section below this post, where any and all readers are welcome to join in the fray. And the fray should be a fun one, if it's anything like last week's was. Here are a few highlights:

  • For several commenters, the sight of Nigella and Padma getting room-serviced in bed was a real high point of the season.
  • The Prius commercial reminded youngmarblegiant of "Gail and her love of acid."
  • Toby Young uttered several pre-scripted gambling-themed quips, but hasn't managed to work the word "craps" into one of them yet. Perhaps he's saving that for the finals?
  • Dot came up with a new product idea: The Snuggie Oven Mitt, which protects one's entire body when cooking drunk.
  • We were relieved to see the last of Robin, who blamed her demise on an inability to "play it safe"—an apparent euphemism for "cook good food."

There were also many, many funny comments among the 1,000-plus posted over the course of the evening—and I read every one, because that's the kind of devoted live-blog host I am (and also because I have no life). Click here to read a few of my favorites. But before you do, take a gander at this list of things to watch for as we live-blog tonight:

  • The chefs will participate in the Bocuse d'Or, which tonight's episode description brags is an "elite cooking competition." I guess that means the cooking competition we've all been watching for the past 10 weeks is more of the chopped-liver variety.
  • The guest-judge will be Thomas Keller, who founded the famous French Laundry restaurant in California. He also founded a laundry in France called "The California Restaurant," although few people know this (probably because I just made it up).
  • Jen will make turducken, which sounds unwise. Can any food whose name contains the word "turd" be a good thing?

I guess we'll find out soon, my quivery-thighed courtesans. Allez-nous to the live-blog boudoir!

[Image via the NYPL Digital Gallery]