Levi Johnston and his 'handler' Tank Jones personally snubbed Page Six boss Richard Johnson at the Fleshbot awards. The next day an unflattering item ran in the column. Today, it gets worse for the young Alaskan.

At the awards it went down thus:

the PR man told Tank that Page Six boss Richard Johnson wanted an introduction. Tank responded, "We're not talking to them. No pictures, nothing." The PR man conveyed the message to Johnson. "He just wants to say hi," Mr. PR pleaded with Tank. But Tank had made up his mind: No Levi for Johnson. "That's fine," said the Page Six editor before heading back downstairs.

But it clearly wasn't fine. Today, under the headline 'Levi Johnston a prima donna' is a very unflattering story about the young Playgirl model displaying diva-ish behavior at JFK and snubbing, of all people, Jason Alexander of Seinfeld to get on a plane first. The end line is brutal:

We wish Levi would just zip it up and head back to the Alaskan oil fields.

Hell hath no fury like an eminent gossip columnist scorned.