A new CIA secret prison has been found. In a luxury horseriding center in Lithuania. Hey, just because you're detaining people illegally and torturing them doesn't mean you can't enjoy some nice surroundings.

ABC News reported that:

Where affluent Lithuanians once rode show horses and sipped coffee at a café, the CIA installed a concrete structure where it could use harsh tactics to interrogate up to eight suspected al-Qaeda terrorists at a time.

The facility, in an exclusive suburb of Vilnius, was denied by the CIA and the Lithuanian government until ABC went and found out everything about it, down to the make of the generator that powered it. The CIA shifted uneasily in its seat:

On Tuesday, the CIA again declined to talk about the prison. "The CIA's terrorist interrogation program is over," said CIA spokesman Paul Gimigliano. "This agency does not discuss publicly where detention facilities may or may not have been."

The prison was closed in 2005, along with another black site in Romania. But Camp Bucca, on the Iraq/Kuwait border, which also had a CIA-only area where nefarious things went on, was only closed in September of this year. Another secret black site — one that remains open — would not be a surprise given the CIA's record of late.