Here, the latest masterwork (suggested by you) from pancake painter-to-the-stars Dan Lacey: a horrific apocalyptic tableau of talking heads and politicians doing who knows what. He expounds on his vision, below.

Lacey's description, from Ebay:

The sixth painting in the Gawker series, which is an elaboration on the Rachel Maddow riding a be-saddled Keith Olbermann into battle with a lance and pancake shield against a comparably-though-perhaps-differently-armored Limbaugh riding Hannity suggestion. The suggestion was made before the full assention of Beck and includes a completely gratituous full bodied although one-legged Sarah Palin with pancakes on her head. Obama and Penelope the Unicorn insert themselves into the center of the fray but are powerless to stop the slaughter.

Provocative. Bid on this artwork that you, the Gawker commentariat, spawned, at Ebay.

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