Didn't Fox News' parents ever explain the best thing to do when someone makes fun of them is just ignore it? Tonight, Bill O'Reilly's guest couldn't let Jon Stewart jest and jape at his expense without a rebuttal.

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Bernard Goldberg is a Fox News commentator who thinks Liberals will always abort their Downs Syndrome baby, but it seems like he's also an aspiring satirist himself: "Let me try to respond to that brilliant analysis with a serious point," says Goldberg, his voice dripping with an icy blend of irony and disdain which subtly hints that Jon Stewart telling him to "go fuck yourself" was not really a smart thing to say, but instead was a funny joke made on a funny comedy show by a comedian which people laughed at because the word "fuck" is funny. In fact Goldberg's satire was so subtle that he didn't even get the joke himself.

Sort of undermines Fox's impassioned claims to being a real news organization when they find themselves constantly responding to a fake news program.

And here is the original "Daily Show" bit from last night's show:

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