A Twitter engineer said Google's new "Chrome" OS is something you resign yourself to; a CNET writer said it's something you are infected with; and Mediaite might hang out awkwardly on Tumblr with it. The Twitterati were ruthless.

Twitter engineer Alex Payne is, needless to say, not impressed with Google's new "Chrome" operating system.

Financial writer Heidi Moore is, needless to say, as unimpressed with Best Buy as Alex Payne.

CNET's Rafe Needleman is, needless to say, as unimpressed with sleazy sales tactics as Hedi Moore, as unimpressed with Google Chrome as Alex Payne and, for all his angst, unable to even ask for a refund.

The Onion's Joe Randazzo wants you doing blow by the time he returns to this bathroom an hour from now, or there's going to be hell to pay.

The Huffington Post's Jason Links accused Mediaite of having ZERO Tumblarity. Or maybe negative Tumblarity. Ya, that bad.

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