We've updated (hopefully for the last time) our AP Layoffs List with the final flood of tips that came in late yesterday and this morning. A few final thoughts on the list, for those AP people still checking it:

1. Our map of the global layoffs only includes those tips that came in by Thursday morning. For the most complete listing, see the AP Layoffs List.

2. Take the list for what it is: a compilation of tips from you, the APers, and your knowledgeable friends. We got so many tips that there may well be some misspelled names or repetitions or slight misstatements of titles. It is the Wikipedia of Layoff Lists. That said, I've made corrections when I received info about anything being incorrect.

3. Probably the most striking thing about these layoffs was the high number of victims who were 10, 20, or 30-year-plus veterans of the AP. We hope you will all receive much grander tributes to your individual careers than a single line in a Gawker post. Good luck to everyone.