This week's Weekly Wrap-up comes in the form of video brought to you by The Resident.

The Resident highlighted the Wainy Days web show, Craig Ferguson's interview with David Duchovony, a child who really felt Michael Jackson's Music, a basketball catapult fail and a video warning of the dangers of strangers.

Also this week, we kicked Nicolas Cage while he was down, made fun of Giada De Laurentiis and her wacky, horny pronunciations of "everyday italian" words, our geek-hearts melted at the Tumblr marriage proposal, poked fun at Erin from The City's not-so-many faces, saw the best of girls falling off of stripper poles, praised Conan's retaliation against Kirstie Alley's twitter tirade, watched the drunkest guy ever face the most difficult video game boss ever, laughed as a girl gets caught by her parents coming home from a Myspace date, and watched a man defy death twice in a row, and introduced #tvparty- a place where you can talk about what you're watching every night (and day for that matter!)

Have a great weekend, everyone!