Once there was a channel of extreme awesomeness. That channel had game shows, and they were good. Games with slime, games with pies, games with mountains, games with vicious temple guards. Games that entertained a generation. That channel was 1990s Nickelodeon.

Duck, it's the genie! This episode of Nick Arcade features Danny Cooksey who played Bobby on another Nick classic: Salute Your Shorts. Somehow the 'virtual reality' looked much cooler in the early 90's.

Blue barracuda? Purple Parrot? Red Jaguar, anyone? Legends of the Hidden Temple was the original Survivor with oddly named teams competing in physical and mental challenges with a jungle backdrop. The biggest difference? Win Survivor and you get a second of infamy and $1,000,000 minus taxes. Win LOTHT? You get a trip to space camp! Space Camp! I know what I'd rather have.


This is the obstacle course finale of Family Double Dare. Weird Al Yankovich and family dominate the hamster wheel, creepy Freudian teeth, and my fave: the big icky squishy slice of pizza.

Figure It Out was the Hollywood Squares of Nickelodeon: D-list 'celebrities' making lame jokes and generally embarrassing themselves in a desperate bid for attention while playing a guessing game. This clip shows Aaron Carter sporting a bowl cut and getting slimed for the crime of having a more famous sibling.


One of the winners of Guts tried to sell his piece of the Aggro Crag on Craigslist after going broke. If I'd known I would have been all over that ish, it would look perfect on my coffee table. Can you spot the future star among these contestants?

The best part of What Would You Do: the cream pies. This girl looks terrified when sent to the pie pod. She tries to ward off the assault, but Marc Sommers has no tolerance for weaklings.

And finally, what kid couldn't relate to Wild And Crazy Kids?