We've survived through another wonderful, crazy Saturday. Seriously: crazy kids, crazy rock stars, crazy politicians, and just straight-up crazies. Glad we made it out okay. Here's your SNL open thread.

Tonight's SNL: Dave Matthews Band and Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Uh, what movie is JG-L promoting, and didn't DMB's new album come out a while back? And I'm pretty sure this isn't a re-run, so....

Okay, seriously? This feels wrong. And not just in my ear.

Joseph Gordon-Leavitt's pretty great. He is! And if you're drunk enough and with people who will not shame you for knowing the words to "Ants Marching," so is the Dave Matthews Band. And really, how much more could they screw the pooch on this show after last week? I almost kind of want it to be terrible just so I have an excuse to rip out the juicy SEO-happy headline SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: LORNE MICHAELS IS JUST FUCKING WITH US, NOW. But I kind of don't because I'm one of those people who shamelessly believes in this show to one day be good again. Hey, at least I'm not a Cubs fan. Also, Seth Meyers has a nice Sunday routine. Hopefully you all do, too, and it involves coming here and clicking on everything a million times.

OH. Before I forget. You should all vote for my New Yorker cartoon so I can win and take a tour of their offices in my Weekend at Bernies costume. No, seriously: this is art, and we can do this together, people.

Tomorrow! Altarcations at 2:30. SNL Digest. Kids who have to take Prep Tests in Kindergarten. And a very, very, very special treat. Until then, a nice song to take us out. By someone who isn't a (possible) date rapist. Thankfully, just a drunk, like the rest of us.