Anyone dreading another entertainment news cycle dominated by "Twilight," shut your eyes now: The sexy vampires of "New Moon" came, they saw, they earned $258.8 million worldwide last weekend. There is no way to avoid writing about this.

• "Mind-bending" is what the LA Times calls the worldwide "New Moon" total for its opening weekend. And the domestic take of $140.7 million was $38 million more than any other film not launched during the lucrative summer months. This time around, ticket sales appeared to be bolstered by more adult women looking to escape their dreary lives through the seductive portals of sweet Edward's hazel eyes. "New Moon" led a strong weekend overall, during which "The Blind Side" with Sandra "blond" Bullock posted a surprising $34.5 million. Mind officially bent.[LA Times]

• The real stars of Sunday's American Music Awards were the backup dancer who performed fake oral sex on Adam Lambert, and Jennifer Lopez's ass, which cushioned her when she fell on it. But there were some awards, too: Taylor Swift won artist of the year, favorite female pop-rock, country and adult contemporary artist, and favorite album for her CD "Fearless". Michael Jackson posthumously won four awards, including favorite male pop-rock and soul-R&B artist. [LA Times]

• Not to be outdone by vampires, werewolves are poised for a comeback: Indie producers Joel Kastelberg and Etchie Stroh are resurrecting 1981's werewolf flick "The Howling". But where will they find a werehunk as hot as Taylor Lautner? [Variety]

• Oprah is producing "a sexually charged hourlong series pilot about a woman who leaves her seemingly perfect marriage and children in Santa Monica for the underbelly of L.A., where she indulges her secret fantasies and desires." It will be on HBO and seems like a perfectly natural progression from her daytime television talk show. [Variety]


• James Cameron's 3D crazyfest "Avatar" will not be 3 hours, as had been previously speculated. It will be a very modest 2 1/2 hours instead. Rip off! [The Wrap]

Nooooooooooooo!!!!! Cougartown halted production last week ""in order for Courteney to deal with a private family matter." Nobody knows when filming will resume on the cougar-acclaimed sitcom. [Hollywood Reporter]