The clean-cut hero and his wife revealed a smuttier side in an interview with Matt Lauer to be aired on Thursday. Wash your mouth out Sully! And give that mustache a rinse too. Who knows where it's been.

To be fair to Sully it's hardly like he was telling Lauer about his sex swing and collection of dildos. In the interview with the pilot and his wife Laurie for NBC's People of the Year Special Lauer asked if his new-found celebrity had helped or hurt their relationship. Laurie, out of nowhere, replied:

He doesn't know I'm gonna say this, but I had joked the other day that ... the hero sex really helps a 20-year-old marriage

To which Sully, that sly old dog, added:

Rock star sex

Let's hope he was exaggerating somewhat. Some rock star sex is more dangerous than his river exploits.