Today at Gawker.TV, Paula Deen gets hit in the face, an angry girlfriend destroys an X-Box, Larry David is terrible at playing himself, iPhone pranks, and Dr. Oz searches for the most fat and lazy person in America.

Paula Deen Gets Hit in the Face with a Flying Holiday Ham
Paula Deen is great at making cheesy ham and banana casseroles. She is not so great at catching out of control careening hams flying towards her at high velocities. Ouch.

Larry David Somehow Manages to Be Terrible at Acting as Himself
Larry David created George Costanza as a reflection of himself. So exactly what happens when you get Larry David playing George Costanza playing Larry David? In a behind-the-scenes clip from HBO we discovered that Larry David is actually terrible at it.

The Meanest Girlfriend Ever Destroys Boyfriend's X-Box 360
Not. Cool. This girl has had it with her boyfriend playing too many video games. The obvious solution? Smash his X-Box 360 with a freaking golf club.

Dr. Oz Looks for the Unhealthiest Person in America, Over 8,000 People Respond
Finding a fat, lazy American is easy: it's either you, or your co-worker. Finding the fattest, laziest person in America? A much harder task. Well Dr. Oz found him, and promptly berated him on national television.

The "Super Glue an iPhone to the Sidewalk" Prank
Oh check it out guys! A brand new iPhone 3G just laying on the sidewalk in New York City! It must be your lucky day. Watch what happens when want quickly turns to fail.