Today at Gawker.TV, a criminal channels television during his arrest, a little girl's unknowingly racist, a documentary from "the future" remembers the present differently than we do, sexting gets its own song, and we examine the best literal music videos.

Life Imitates Art As Criminal Copies It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Who knew that The Gang could inspire one of the world's dumbest criminals. Mac from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and a bank robber both eat important pieces of paper to solve their respective problems.

Futuristic Documentary: "Everything You Thought You Knew About The Beatles is Wrong"
Interesting tid-bits of information in this alarmingly insightful Beatles documentary. Did you know that Scottie Pippen was an original member, and that The Beatles beat the New York Giants in the Superbowl? Learn something new every day, I guess.

Salt 'n Pepa's Let's Talk About Sex Updated for Sexting Teens
If a new medium of communication is created-no matter how hard adults try-teens will find a way to use it to have sex with each other. Texting is no different. The purity of phone sex is forever tainted.

Worst Parents Ever Teach Daughter to be Unintentionally Racist
Saying "sparkling wiggles" may sound like a cute thing for this little girl to say until you watch this video.

Gallery: The Best Literal Music Videos
Song parodies used to belong to Weird Al and comedians with pianos, but the recent proliferation of video editing programs have made song parodies the people's genre. These literal takes on music videos show us how silly they can be.