What are you eating tonight? Whatever it is, it's not as good as what they're serving at Obama's first state dinner. Unless you are actually at the state dinner, in which case: You're in for a real treat!

[via NYT]

The dinner welcomes India's prime minister, Manmohan Singh, and all of the guests have arrived which meant the sad end of Politico's unintentionally hilarious live coverage of the parade of celebrities and politicians walking past the media scrum. ("There we have Katie Couric... I wonder if she got that purple shawl today to go with the purple colors of the state dinner?")

However: serving a main course of Indian food ("Roasted Potato Dumplings with Tomato Chutney", "Green Curry Prawns with Coconut Aged Basmati" This is not Indian food, actually. We're not racist, we promise!) to the Indian prime minister? Doesn't he get enough Indian food in, um, India? What's wrong with a huge burger and a Caesar salad?