'A Thousand Years of Vince Vaughn'

A book proposal by this title has been doing the rounds at publishing houses and agents. It needs to see the light of day. Why? Because it's romantic historical fiction featuring a love affair with Vince Vaughn through the ages.

A source sent us the proposal, by a 39-year-old LA dog walker and yoga instructor named Edie Cortese. "The manuscript is a fictionalized version of what transpired over six months or so in my walking in front of Vince's house everyday with the dogs and dreaming of him... and how I could meet him... and get his attention and hang," explained Cortese last night.

Here is Cortese's brief proposal that is definitely fiction:


'A Thousand Years of Vince Vaughn'

Since this was sent out, explained Cortese, she has left the agent she was with because she felt he "didn't promote the manuscript properly." She is looking for a replacement. Jason Heyman, Vince Vaughn's rep at CAA has not yet responded to an email for comment (but then it is 7.30am in LA).