Stuyvesant High School junior Mohammed Hassan was arrested last week for setting fires at school. Sounds like the case is all wrapped up, eh? Wrong. Now there are more fires. And taunting notes! And hieroglyphics! A fiery criminal thrill ride!

"Hassan was captured on a surveillance camera setting the mini-blazes," see, so they arrested him and went on back home to sleep on their soft beds, not knowing a fiery menace was still lurking in the placid hallways of the prestigious high school. Because Hassan wasn't even in school when the latest string of trashcan, etc. fires broke out this week. Fiery doom is coming from inside the building. And, the Daily News reports, the copycat pyro is a mad criminal genius!

"I'm smart enough - you can't catch me," read a note left at one of the fires, according to FDNY sources. Another note appeared to be in hieroglyphics.

Not to alarm you, parents, but it appears that a twisted teenage Egyptologist has declared fiery war on your children's place of learning while bungling cops focus their attention on a patsy! (Mohammed's dad says this is a case of racial profiling).

If this turns out to be viral marketing for some Stuyvesant kid's version of 'The Rule of Four,' there will be some serious ass-kicking.
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