Oh boy, a "hot rumor!" Those are our favorite rumors, bar none! What is it exactly, U.S. News? Hm. It seems that "the hot rumor in Washington" is that Obama will replace Biden with Hillary Clinton, on the 2012 ticket.

This is, obviously, the Washington version of a "rumor." The New York phrase for it is "some speculative shit someone said while drunk, probably at a terrible party."

The New York media version would be, like, some drunk blogger at Tom & Jerry's saying, "I bet Michael Wolff is going to buy the New York Press and turn it into a glossy wedding magazine." Not something with much of a chance of happening, but, you know, it's not outside the realm of possibility, if you are the sort of person who spends a lot of time thinking about these people.

Anyway. Hillary Clinton is not going to replace Smilin' Joe Biden on the ticket.