In your traditional Tuesday media column: Lewis Lapham endures, Lou Dobbs is in demand, Charlie Rose gets a new column, and Sheriff Joe harassed by J-schoolers playing the race card.

If only we had news of an old white man in the media (THEME)... Hello, Lewis Lapham! The NYT checks in on him, just because, and finds him still wearing nice suits and putting out Lapham's Quarterly, which is still a going concern. Here is pretty much everything about Lewis Lapham in one single anecdote, in which, fresh out of Yale, he interviews for a job with the CIA:

The first question he was asked in the interview was, "When standing on the 13th tee at the National Golf Links in Southampton, which club does one take from the bag?"

"They wanted to make sure you were the right sort," Mr. Lapham recalled. He found the question off-putting and dropped his spy ambitions for journalistic ones (although he points out that he knew the right answer - a 7-iron).

What the hell is Lou Dobbs doing now? He is reportedly talking to CNBC, about maybe having a show there? Lou Dobbs and Sheriff Joe in 2012!

And speaking of old TV guys doing things: Charlie Rose is going to be writing a column for the new Bloomberg-ed BusinessWeek! Strange, since they canned Maria Bartiromo and all her famous cronies already. Anyhow Charlie's column will "offer insights into and takeaways from" things, which is how he hits you from two angles.

More college kids out of control, when it comes to journalism! The Arizona State J-School invited Sheriff Joe "Crazy Racist Xenophobic Joe" Arpaio to come talk, but he "was cut short Monday night when a group of protestors broke into song." Hopefully that song was Reggaeton.

And finally: National Geographic Adventure is for sale.