George Lopez and Wanda Sykes are both minority comedians hosting new late night shows. They both promised to bring something new to late night. Looks like all they're doing is recycling each other's tired, old, racist jokes.

Tiger Woods is half black and half Asian. Blacks are obviously criminals, and Asians obviously can't drive cars. Hearing just one late night host make this joke is one time too many.

Here's George Lopez's version:

And here is Wanda Sykes':

George Lopez scores -2 with his joke, because everything about it is terrible.

Wanda Sykes gets a 0, because she at least has some semblance of timing.


Apparently "comedian" Jo Koy is getting in on the action. Here he is on Chelsea Lately telling the exact same joke as Sykes/Lopez. Only this time, he ups the ante with a Ching-Chong Chinaman imitation. Well played, Koy. Well played.

Thanks go to a heads-up Matt Leary for the tip.