Today at Gawker.TV, A&E's Hoarders discovers the ultimate cat lady, a Spanish Lost, clues your relationship is over, and late night hosts joke at Tiger Woods expense, while the Chinese animate his car crash for the world to see.

George Lopez and Wanda Sykes Make the Same Exact Racist Joke about Tiger Woods
George Lopez and Wanda Sykes are both minority comedians hosting new late night shows. They both promised to bring something new to late night. Looks like all they're doing is recycling the same tired, old racist jokes-literally.

Spanish Televison Does Lost Promos Better Than ABC Does
Spain's Cuarto television network aired this commercial for the final season of Lost yesterday. This dark, haunting imagery set to Radiohead's "Everything In Its Right Place" might make any casual TV-viewer amped up enough to get into the upcoming season.

Chinese Re-Enact Tiger Woods Incident Using the Magic of Animation
Well, I guess the Florida cops can call off the investigation. Our friends in China already used animation to re-enact exactly how the Tiger Woods fiasco (probably) transpired. Unbelievable.

A&E's Hoarders Discovers the Ultimate Cat Lady
Two hoarders, Shirley and Bailey, tried to take in as many stray cats in the neighborhood as possible. In taking in around 76(!) cats, they overlooked one important thing: feeding them.

How to Tell When a Relationship Is Over in 90 Seconds
We've all been there: that terrible time when the magic has gone and one realizes that they aren't really "in it to win it" anymore. If you need help deciding if your relationship is about to expire, watch this.