President Obama's new Afghanistan policy seems like basically the Afghanistan policy he kept promising he'd pursue doing the campaign, so why is everyone so surprised? Unfortunately for America, there is concrete, inescapable proof that it will not work:

Bill Kristol, the man who is wrong about everything, in the world, consistently, thinks that this is the right strategy. Or, at least, he thinks that the entire speech was Barack Obama admitting that George Bush and Bill Kristol were right about everything and Michael Moore is fat. Maybe?

It seems a little weird, to us, that a blog post on the most important foreign policy issue of the day, written for "the Foreign Policy Initiative," opens with a Michael Moore quote, in order to make fun of Michael Moore, but we are not respected conservative thinker Bill Kristol, so what do we know?

Anyway. Bill Kristol thinks an Afghanistan troop surge is a good idea so basically this will be Vietnam 2. (3? 4?)