Today at Gawker.TV, a Florida State player completely freezes during a game, behind the scenes of OK Go's video, the Iraqi shoe-thrower dodges a shoe, PostSecret video confessions, and James Franco mucks up a scene on General Hospital.

Iraqi Shoe Thrower Dodges Shoe During Press Conference
At a press conference in Paris, a shoe was thrown at the infamous "Iraqi shoe-thrower". Thankfully for him, this man's aim was just as poor as his own.

Florida State Lineman Freezes During a Play
Remember when you played Madden with a friend and he went up to go pee? You'd sneak in a play while they were gone, and the player they controlled just stood there. Well, this Florida State lineman's brain is your friend peeing.

PostSecret Video Confessions
PostSecret is a blog where people mail in handmade artistic postcards revealing their often embarrassing secrets. Now they're hitting the streets to ask people their secrets in person.

The Making of OK Go's "WTF" Video
Seems like everyone is talking about the amazing new OK Go music video that was shot all in one take. No, not the one treadmill one. The other one. This is a really cool behind-the-scenes for this visual acid trip.

James Franco Can't Keep a Straight Face on General Hospital
Due to a hectic holiday filming schedule, Movieline reports that General Hospital has changed their "two takes per scene" rule down to one. Watch James Franco struggle to stay in character while minor things go wrong around him.