The new magazine landscape: Gourmet is gone; Vice has become an ad agency; a travel website meant to be a refuge for laid-off print journalists is tanking. Basically one good magazine job remains: Editor-In-Chief of World of Warcraft: The Magazine.

World of Warcraft: The Magazine is the official magazine of the dangerously-addictive online role-playing game of the same name. It bills itself as "a deluxe high-quality, collectible quarterly coffee-table publication." And it needs a new EIC. Laid-off media elite: Chug your Monster energy drink, power off your iPhone and tell Mom to save some dinner: Your quest for stable magazine employment has begun.

The job has been posted to Mediabistro (which is down now, likely due to everyone needing a job) and also to San Francisco Craigslist, where WOWTM's offices are based:

Do you know the difference between a Night Elf and a Blood Elf? Do you know your favorite class role and spell rotations? And, more importantly, can you show us superlative examples of your publishing experience in the games/entertainment markets? If so, this is your opportunity to turn your favorite passion into a full-time job! Future US is looking for an Editor-in-Chief for its newest launch, the Official World of Warcraft magazine. This is a new quarterly magazine that covers all aspects of the World's biggest MMO from its content to the players themselves.

Um, favorite class role: Creative underclass?

And check out the perks:

What We Offer:
* A casual, comfortable dress environment with musicians, gamers and journalists roaming the halls
* A culture that encourages a passion for life both inside and outside of the office
* Don't want to drive? No worries - Future US offers a free shuttle from BART/Caltrain to the office

Any unemployed media person can tell you this sounds better than about 99.99 percent of what's out there. And probably more stable too: As the official World of Warcraft mag, WOWTM has a huge potential—and very captive—audience in the game's more than 11 million subscribers.

To get you started, here are some ideas for some WOWTM listicles:

•Top ten reasons you don't want to go on a date, ever
•Seven things on which to blame your current station in life
•The three World of Warcraft expansion packs that will make you forget your unbearable loneliness
•Something about spells and shit
•The eight other magazine jobs you would have right now if it weren't for the economy