Well-known fact: Hero naval captain Richard Phillips is the biggest hero next to Sully, due to his heroic act of getting rescued from Somali pirate hijackers. So why is his ungrateful crew staging a retroactive mutiny?

Sure, everyone's an expert after the fact. It's reallllllll easy to look back now and say, "Captain Richard Phillips was warned at least seven times in the week prior to his trip to stay at least 600 miles off the dangerous Somali coast, but he ignored these warnings, and got his ship and crew hijacked." Real easy. So a lot of the crew is saying that, now.

Four of the 20 crew members told the AP that they blame Phillips for the hijacking.

"He caused this, and we all know it," said chief engineer Mike Perry of Riverview, Fla. "All the Alabama crew knows about it."

Look at the bright side, guys. You have a great adventure story to tell your kids one day. You didn't have to hack anyone to pieces. And, most importantly, you'll go down in history as an anonymous crew member who served with Hero Captain Richard Phillips. He got to meet The Rock!
[Pics: AP]