Kathie Lee Gifford rose to fame sitting next to Regis Philbin and talking about her personal life ad nauseam. Now that she co-hosts the Today show's daily dose of wacky, what is the one subject she won't broach?

Her husband's infidelity! The Tiger Woods' affair story is the hot issue of the day, but, according to The B Plot, which is written by a former TV guy and publicist in New Jersey, Kathie Lee is adamant that she won't talk about the scandal from a "personal point of view." When producers ask she apparently said, quite loudly, "Absolutely not will I rehash any of that horrible history in my life." So let's get this straight, disclosures of nudity, making out with co-host Hoda Kotb, and dressing up as C-3PO, are all OK, but talking about her husband doing it with a flight attendant more than a decade ago is beyond the pale?

The two stories a perfect parallel, both Woods and Katie Lee's husband Frank Gifford are sports figures, both fooled around while on the road, both stayed with their wives (so far). Kathie Lee could give us the perspective of what Elin Nordegren must be feeling right now, since she has kept silent ever since—well, smashing the windows out of her cheating husband's car. That's a pretty big statement, but come on, Kathie Lee, give her a voice. Gifford seems like the type who will do anything for fame and isn't afraid to look stupid in front of the camera. How is this going too far?

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