We like to "jest" with the advertising industry about how stupid and evil they are, but the truth is that marketing is not easy. Today in Fuzzy Public Outrage: Dolls are racist, and soap bubbles are rapists.

Here is one of those "viral" videos you've heard so much about. In it, imaginary cartoon soap bubbles representing chemical soap scum linger around a lady's shower, acting like jerks. That is because the household cleaner company that made it supports rape.

Here are some "So In Style African American Barbie Dolls." They are drawing complaints because black parents feel their hair, eyes, and body do not represent what most black girls actually look like. Yes, well, that means they are just as horrible as every other Barbie doll ever then, no? Perhaps the problem is that an inanimate plastic doll is now expected to be a role model. How about protesting the fact that Barbie costs $27, when did that happen? EHH?

Let's just worry about keeping Barbie safe from sexual assault from soap bubbles, shall we?