There are a lot of things to get upset over in life. Video games are not one of them. Here are the ten best video game freak outs on the web.

The Ally.
This one you actually want to go there and help him overcome his obstacles and throw and smash that freaking Game Boy.


The English Patient.
This British fellow stayed up for 17 hours playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and then failed to get back online. Then he cried, whined and punched pointlessly.

The Brothers.
This is one of the first videos Jack Quire posted with his brother's craziness. Here the mother, finally, speaks.

The Rock Stars.
This kids took it on Guitar Hero's guitar, as if it was its fault that they are obsessed with it.


The Classic.
If you have watched this video before, watch it again. In fact, plain and original versions of it are difficult to find.

The Prank.
The Scary Maze Game is one of those games you have to concentrate really deeply and when you're into it suddenly show up an image of a horrible vampire.

The Elder.
What in life is better than teasing your younger brother?

The Sham.
Okay, sometimes this kids just pretend to be crazy so they get famous and posted in GawkerTV.

The Game.
The Scary Maze Game still works for the young ones.

The Jerry.
This German kid is not crazy or freaked out. He's just sick.