Hold onto your hat because Friendster is BACK, y'all! And this time, it's personal. And in their superultracool new video promoting the new ultrasuperawesome site, they somehow manage to look even more outdated.

OMG, did you know that with the new and improved Friendster you can personalize your very own space? COOL! With your own style??? NEATO! And meet people and stuff???? AGGHHGGLASALKFH!!!!!! Wait, isn't this exactly like Myspace, which killed Friendster, like, 10 years ago? It is? Oh. Nevermind.

Mayyyybe Friendster is actually way smarter than any of us can imagine. Friendster launches, Myspace makes Friendster irrelevant, Facebook makes Myspace irrelevant, Friendster makes Facebook irrelevant. The circle of social networking. If that were the case, pogs and slap-bracelets would've made their comeback long ago.

[via Videogum]